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Cool Cartoons

A Collection Of My Favorite Flash Animation

Zombie College Shock

01 - Shock
02 - Bargaining
03 - Anger
04 - Fear
05 - Denial
06 - Acceptance
07 - A-Whop-Zomb-A-Loo-Bop
08 - The Birth of Tragedy from the Zombies of Music
09 - Scott as Educator
10 - The Will to Devour
11 - Zombie, All to Zombie
12 - A Snack For None And All
Sopranos vs Napster

Sopranos vs Napster Episode 1 - Business Is Business
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 2 - Being Tony Soprano
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 3 - For Frank's Kids
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 4 - The Informant
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 5 - Hot Motherboards
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 6 - Nice Pants
Sopranos vs Napster Episode 7 - Tap The Bandwidth
Weekend Pussy Hunt
From Spumco of Ren And Stimpy Fame

Weekend Pussy Hunt 01

Weekend Pussy Hunt 02
Weekend Pussy Hunt 03
Weekend Pussy Hunt 04
Weekend Pussy Hunt 05
Weekend Pussy Hunt 06
Weekend Pussy Hunt 07
Weekend Pussy Hunt 08
Weekend Pussy Hunt 09
Weekend Pussy Hunt 10
Weekend Pussy Hunt 11
Weekend Pussy Hunt 11-2
George Liquor Show
Baby Sitting the Idiot

George Liquor1.swf
George Liquor2.swf
George Liquor3.swf
George Liquor4.swf
George Liquor5.swf
George Liquor6.swf
George Liquor7.swf
George Liquor8.swf
George Liquor9.swf
Jimmy Idiot Xmas Card
Jimmy & Sody Pop Valentine

Three's Company
Back to Future
F*%k to the Future
Gilligans Island
Happy Days
Jerry Swinger
Phantom 1
Phantom 2
Pork & Mindy
Star Wars
Tokes Of Hazard 1
Tokes Of Hazard 2
Waynes World

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